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Canutillo Mormon Tea Desert Tea Squaw Tea

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Green Ephedra  Refreshing Organic Pure Popotillo Mormon Cowboy Tea

Southwestern Indians and European desert travelers have long brewed Mormon tea or chewed the twigs to quench thirst and boost energy. Wildcrafted in New Mexico.

Enjoy brewed infusion Hot Or Ice Cold. These are twigs, not leaves. Mormons were introduced to the bush by Native Americans of the high Desert. They learned it can be made into an invigorating drink. Other names are Squaw Tea, Cowboy Tea, Desert Tea, Brigham Tea. Twigs should be lightly rinsed in cold water before boiling. You may break them into smaller pieces if you prefer. tea should steep for at least 20 minutes after having been brought to a boil. The longer it steeps, the stronger the infusion becomes. You can add lemon or sweetener as you like. Instructions are included with tea. Ephedra Viridis twigs are shipped DEHYDRATED for maximum strength and value. Tea that is shipped freshly cut may mold within a few days. Mormon Tea does NOT contain EPHEDRINE or CAFFEINE.

The blooms and seeds can be boiled with the twigs, or you can add them to smoothies or any type of liquid or food. They blend and grind easily while the twigs do not. The entire bloom and seeds can be eaten. Twigs should be stored at room temperature.