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Celery Juice Pure Powder

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Celery Juice Powder

Celery Juice Powder 


China (Origin may vary per lot )

Botanical Name:

Apium Graveolens

Part Used:


Other Ingredients:



What is Celery Juice?


Celery comes from the Apiaceae family and is a marshland plant with a long history in human agriculture. Celery is commonly known for its fibrous leaves and hearty stalks. Celery juice has itself been a popular trend for years. This ingredient is often seen in functional beverages, encapsulated, and other forms.

 Still keeping a pitcher of celery juice in the fridge? Upgrade your pantry with freshly packed and easy-to-use celery juice powder from Healingifts! Conveniently packaged in a resealable pouch, Healingifts’ Celery Juice Powder is best way to enjoy the concentrated nutrition of celery juice. Add it to your morning routine or use it in a number of creative dishes. The possibilities and benefits of celery juice are numerous.

Some facts about celery juice are:

Full of natural nitrates, making it a go-to choice for curing meat
Excellent source of vitamin K, essential for optimal bone health
Packed with essential minerals, including potassium, magnesium, and phosphorus
Known for phytochemicals such as flavonoids