China Slim Tea Super Slim Dieter's Delight All Natural 18 Tea Bags

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  • Dieters Delight 100% Natural
  • No Caffeine A Special Oriental Pure Herbal Tea
  • Dietary Supplement. Extra bowel movement may be expected in the 1st or 2nd day of use
  • Brew one tea bag in 10 oz boiling water for 5 minutes
  • no preservatives, additives or cafeine
  • Contains Senna or Cassia
  • Tea Pot Brand Super China Slim Tea Dieters Delight Diet Tea 1.90oz (54g) box. Dieters Delight China Slim Tea contains 3gx18 tea bags/box. Tea Pot a Special Oriental Pure Herbal Tea drink is all natural tea, soothing and relaxing especially delightful for those desiring to adjust weight. For those who like to stay slim and healthy, try this ultimate herbal tea twice daily for maximum result. Simply drink one cup of China Slim Dieter Drinks twice a day 15 minutes after meals. Use one or two tea bags per cup. Larger quantities and darker color of the tea denotes greater relative strength. Use boiling hot water for maximum results. Steep for five minutes and stir well before serving. Then sit back and relax! This special formula can be consumed by men and women. Product of USA.
  • What is Senna?
    Senna, or cassia, is an herb that has been used as a laxative for over a thousand years. This herb is also known as India senna, tinnevelly senna, Cassia senna, Khartoum senna, and Alexandrian senna. It contains anthraquinone, which causes intestinal contractions by interacting with bacteria in the digestive track. The leaves and pods of the plant are used for people suffering from constipation.