Crystal Zodiac Bag: Virgo Sun Sign

Crystal Zodiac Bag: Virgo Sun Sign

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The Virgo Pouch shown above contains seven fascinating stones--each measuring from 1/4" to 3/4" by 1/4" to 1" by 1/4" to 3/4"-- in a 3" by 4" black velvet drawstring pouch. 

The healing stones included in the pouch, along with how they can help the Virgo native, include:

Citrine: Brings these analytical worry-warts prosperity, cheer and power.

Rose Quartz: Allows self-love, an important thing all signs need, especially Virgo.

Amethyst: Assists in spiritual perfection, something for which all Virgos strive.

Aventurine: A wonderful healing and comforting stone; helps Virgos connect with the beauty of nature.

Sodalite: A stone of the head and the heart, it helps bring inner peace and clear up problems.

Carnelian: Connects Virgos to their true inner selves, allowing reflection and realization.

Clear Quartz: Used with carnelian to bring Virgos' true beauty and inner power out into the world.