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Cuachalalate Bark, Amphipetyglum Adstringens

Cuachalalate Bark, Amphipetyglum Adstringens

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Cuachalalate Bark  Amphipetyglum Adstringens  Juliana  Adstringens

Cuachalalate is a tree, main characteristic is its bark,
Cuachalate is a tree that grows to 5m in height.
which is the most utilized part.
The cuachalalate has a gray, verrucose and wrinkled bark,
with cork protuberances. The trees branches are covered with fine hair-like
structures and scars from fallen leaves. The name Cuachalalate comes from
the name "Cuauchachalatli" which originates from the Nahuatl, Aztec Language
and was later hispanized to Cuachalalate.

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