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Manuka Honey Manukaguard

Manuka Honey Manukaguard

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8.8 oz Medical Grade Manuka Honey 12+  Authentic Honey

AUTHENTIC manuka honey comes only from New Zealand. Manuka is the Maori name for the “Tea Tree” bush or tree named so by the British when they colonized New Zealand in the 1800’s. Manuka Honey is a mono-floral honey produced by ordinary bees collecting nectar from the Manuka flower.

Dihydroxyacetone is a component of the Manuka nectar and when the hive gets up to about 90°F or close to human body temperature, the dihydroxyacetone converts to MGO. MGO stands for methylglyoxal, the naturally occurring compound that makes Manuka Honey different from every other honey on the planet. Every jar of ManukaGuard Manuka Honey MGO is tested and certified for natural MGO content. The MGO number tells you how much MGO is in your jar of honey. Manuka Honey supports good bacteria, good gut flora, calms the digestive system and restores gut health. Medical Grade is our most potent Immune support Manuka Honey and is best used for Immune support during illness or allergies.Look after your immune system and it will look after you.
Directions:  Take 1/2 teaspoon under the tongue 3 to 5 times daily before meals. Can be used with probiotics. Not suitable for children under 2 years.
Serving Size:  1/2 teaspoon (2.5g)
Ingredients:  Manuka Honey 2.5 g Certified Medical Grade - pasteurized. Methylglyoxal 400MG/KG MGO 400 Wild Harvested Genuine Manuka Honey Has no genetically-engineered ingredients
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