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Milk Thistle Seed 4:1 Powdered Extract

Milk Thistle Seed 4:1 Powdered Extract

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Milk Thistle Standardized Extract

Botanical Name: Silybum marianum


Milk Thistle 4:1 Powdered Extract



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Herbalists and some doctors have used milk thistle, also known as Mary thistle and holy thistle, for hundreds of years to treat liver and gallbladder problems. Milk thistle has also been used to protect the liver against environmental toxins. Milk thistle seeds contain a group of bioflavonoids known as silymarin. It is believed that silybin is the most active compound in this group and that it can prevent toxins from causing damage to your liver. Milk thistle and its derivatives have not been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as a treatment for any medical condition.

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