Mullein Leaves powdered

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  • Mullein Herb Leaves - Have for long been known to support healthy lungs and address respiratory related issues. What better way to breathe better than go back to nature’s way for healthy living with mullein leaf tea
  • Clear lung cleanse - Better lungs and better breathing through 100% natural mullein tea. The dry herb is known for lung detox cleanse, bronchial relief and mucus detox
  • Herbal Mullen Tea for lymphatic cleanse – Mullein leaf and flower is known for to help with lymph circulation especially in areas where lymph nodes are congested
  • Mullien Tea for Respiratory System Support – Be it mullein extract or mullein tea, remember that mullein leaf needs to be involved to create a good lung tonic for lung detox. When using mullein leaves for tea, ensure that that mullein leaves are strained well, before consuming tea
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