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Mustard Seed Brown Black

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Brown Mustard Seed*
Also Known As: Black Mustard Seed or Indian Mustard
Ingredients: Brown Mustard Seed.

Taste and Aroma: Strong, sharp and hot.
Uses: Indian cooking, meat, fish and pickling.
Substitutes: Brown Mustard Seed Crushed,Yellow Mustard Seed, Pickling Spice or Mustard Powder.
Fun Fact: Whole-grain prepared mustard is easy to make: just crush mustard seeds and mix with some vinegar. Try out the My Spice Sage Sout Mustard.
Health Values:
- May aid in the prevention of gastrointestinal cancer because it contain phytonutrients
-May reduce the severity of asthma and arthritis because it contains anti-inflammatory properties from selenium
-May reduce the severity of asthma and lower blood pressure and help regulate sleep patterns in women experiencing menopause because it contains magnesium
-Contains omega 3 fatty acids


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