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Tachyon Mini-V Pendant

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Tachyon Mini-V Pendant - Outstanding For Direct EMF Protection

The Mini-V should be considered an integral part of any EMF proactive, holistic approach, elevating the personal energy flow.  

Dr. Gabriel Cousens, World Acknowledged Expert

gabriel-cousens-tachyon-researcher.jpg"I feel that the new Tachyon Mini-V is the most powerful and the most cost effective device against EMFs that is available today."

“After testing almost every device on the market,
I discovered the Tachyon Mini-V."

"The Mini-V was consistently at least 100 times 
more EMF protective than any other device.” 

“I and my family now wear the Tachyon Mini-V all the time” 


Mini-V pendant for all ages, children included. Those who have worn the pendant claim they are experiencing amazing results. I was stunned at the positive impact it had on my son, who never wants to take it off it makes him feel so good.

Try one for yourself. Give them as gifts to your loved ones. Each pendant has a high-quality SAE 316L grade hypo-allergenic stainless steel rod, which has been drilled out to hold the 12mm Vertical crystal*. 

Size and Style Notes: 

*Each style is slightly different in length and width.  
For example, the Purple sleeved Mini-V is approximately 36mm (1-1/2") in length and 9mm (3/8") in diameter.
The Mini-V Light is approximately 44mm (1-3/4") long by 5.5mm (7/32") in diameter. We have, from time to time, changed the center CZ from clear to very light lavender on the Mini-V-Light, all others are Clear.

**Tachyon printed slogan can change from time to time and may differ from the sample image seen here.

***Free Chain included with each Mini-V. Chains are not Tachyonized. Chain style may differ from that shown, based on current stock. There is no way to request a "free chain" design change and there is no warranty for free chain. 

30-60 Day Satisfaction Guaranteed Policy

Note: Special Bulk Prices Available for orders of 10 or more.