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New medical textbook gives doctors natural protocols for reversing disease

Physicians everywhere are faced with a new breed of self-educated/internet-educated patients who demand alternatives to symptom-suppression via drugs, and who are questioning the need for surgery or other intrusive therapies. A new definitive text by Dr. Joseph Pizzorno, Jr., ND and Dr. Joseph Katzinger, ND called Clinical Pathophysiology?A Functional Perspective provides guidance for any physician, health&nbsp,professional or student seeking evidence-based ways to improve or protect a patients&nbsp,health using proven protocols for diet, lifestyle and natural simples.

Clinical Pathophysiology is a comprehensive guide for health care professionals. It&nbsp,identifies the core factors that influence health and produce disease states, and the&nbsp,most effective natural medicines for both health protection and disease amelioration.&nbsp,Physicians, naturopathic doctors, medical students, and naturopaths-in-training will&nbsp,find this guidebook indispensable. It provides in-depth reviews of clinically relevant
approaches and protocols for complex patient care.

Organized into “Clinical Focus” chapters according to physiological systems, the book&nbsp,provides recommendations for personalized assessment and treatment, based on the most
current, peer-reviewed medical research. Fully documented, it stands out as a unique road&nbsp,map for optimizing patient care, oriented around the normalization of core physiological
functions rather than symptom-based palliative care.

According to colleague and influential health author Dr. Michael Murray, ND, “This&nbsp,book covers a subject rarely discussed in conventional medical textbooks. Rather&nbsp,than focusing on the use of drug protocols to arrest pathophysiological conditions, it
helps health professionals find ways to effectively reverse such conditions. It is truly&nbsp,a masterful approach for practicing clinical medicine. I believe it will lead to more&nbsp,effective interventions by health professionals.”

Clinical Pathophysiology is published by Mind Publishing. ISBN 978-1-927017-04-3&nbsp,Purchase of the book includes The Companion Guide to Clinical Pathophysiology by Dr.
Michael Murray, ND.

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