Holistic Health Initial Consultation (1 hour)


Adjunct consultation to your primary health provider. Be with someone who can listen to all your woes. Many physical or bodily issues can be accounted to more than one cause. Holistic treatments can connect to all aspects of your life. An unhurried, empathetic, sympathetic consultation is rare but very important, in this day and age. We will the time to discuss, not only what you feel, symptoms such as body aches, pain, but also your medical history, diet, lifestyle and anything else that may be relevant.

Maria is a holistic nurse for many years, and recently a nurse educator and hospice nurse. I can be your advocate if some things are not clear with your doctor appointments. I can suggest next relevant actions and issues to discuss with your provider at next visit. Follow-up visits will only be 20 minutes, at $45. This service is available in person, video call and telephone call. If blood works are suggested, it will be charged at $45 rate for blood draw and price of special tests will be discussed.

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