Osha Herb Ligusticum Porteri Bear Root

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Osha is excellent for stomach indigestion and for cramping or pain associated with the beginnings of ulceration. The roots, seed and essential oil of this plant stimulates the circulation, kidneys and uterus. Osha is used to treat tuberculosis, headaches, toothache, emphysema, pneumonia, painful menstruation and retained placenta. It has also been used in case of motion and air sickness, as it increases oxygen utilization and uptake into the body.

It you take Osha for extended periods of time, take a week-long break every couple of months. The herb should not be used during pregnancy, as large amounts may cause uterine contractions. Also during breastfeeding.

Please use responsibly. It is difficult to obtain this herb. Also try the extracts made from this. Thank you. ~Maria/Healingifts


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