What is new with Healingifts?

  • August 1, 2021

    Dear Healingifters ! Many changes.  We are moving to large office, same address,  Suite 207, second floor, on the west side of the building, if tak...
  • Healthy receipes for you

    Turmeric is an important anti-inflammatory herb. Most diseases , according to Harvard health, the four horsemen of the medical apocalypse — coronary artery disease, diabetes, cancer, and Alzheimer's — may be riding the same steed: inflammation. Herbs work well with their friends. They become warriors. Try it, you may want to drink it everyday!


    What is inflammation?

    Inflammation is part of the immune response. It's a process that depends both on the physical actions of white blood cells and the chemicals that they produce: antibodies, cytokines, and the like. Over the last several decades, scientists have identified dozens of new immunological and inflammatory molecules and the pathways through which they interact. The loops and feedbacks of those pathways mean inflammation can be turned on and off in any number of ways. The problem comes when it is left on, for no apparent reason.

    I am a millennial and I changed my diet, my outlook in life and health. I lost a lot of weight and remain healthy, also had a bad auto-immune reaction when I was 12 (HLH)  and almost lost my life. With Healingifts, I want to share health and life-promoting products and lifestyle changes, including the way we eat. 




    Andrew Suyat  CEO

    Suyat Enterprises, LLC

    Healingifts Herbs and Healing

  • Recent Developments at Healingifts

    What to expect from Healingifts right now !  Fulfillment and Healing Center moving to Downtown Albuquerque around May, 2021 !!!  We continue to deliver! New website in the making, Amazon products expanding, getting our own branding, UPC's and more!