About Healingifts

About Healingifts Herbs and Healing

We are a holistic herbal gift shop, chakra balancing service, and fulfillment center in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. Family started the business in 2005 and grew due to our beloved patrons.  We specialize in unique herbal products, metaphysical items, energy-charged jewelries, reiki-infused candles and we ship almost anywhere in the United States, Canada, and slowly expanding the rest of the world where permitted. We also provide energy balancing, stress neutralization services using Reiki healing, crystals, and tachyon cocoon. We are adding products and our research & development area (R&D) is on gear, to bring you relevant, affordable products that will guard your health and help you heal. We will start our own brand in select crucial products in today's world. We will have a lot of our products in AMAZON PRIME, and WALMART.com so you can save on deals and shipping! 

We still have listing in Amazon, Ebay, WalMart, ECrater , Etsy and Pinterest. We are starting our Etsy shop too. We are re-evaluating our online presence and websites. 


Healingifts healthy products and services will be available worldwide while addressing issues in quality control, sustainability, and equity in our supply chains.


Be a channel to provide healthy products and healing services at affordable prices while building a sustainable workforce.

Our humble beginnings started when my mother, Maria, a registered nurse for many years, felt her patient's family should give them gifts they could bring home rather than being thrown out on discharge.

What started as a small natural gift store, and then became an herb store due to the community's demands in Gallup, New Mexico, USA. Our customers drove our business to where it is now.

We are recovering from the pandemic, rebuilding our store that was closed in Nob Hill, Albuquerque, after renovation and closed again due to the pandemic. We continue to bring our unique products and services to the heart of Albuquerque, in the Uptown area, near the Coronado Mall, and to the world, through our online presence.

You may have known us in our websites, and marketplace, Amazon, Ebay, WalMart , eCrater , Etsy and Pinterest. We are starting to sell in our social media: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

We ask for your patience, we are slowly updating our website and learning as we grow. We are discovering unique capabilities of our servers. We have a lot of inventories on stock, not yet in our websites and connections with our manufacturers, just email us or call us.

www.healingifts.com   - Our flagship site, powered by Shopify. More products are here, we accept most all credit cards, through PayPal Pro. Worldwide shipping if permitted. 

We hope to see you, please give us a ring prior to visiting.