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Healingifts Flor De Manita Chiranthodendron pentadactylon

Healingifts Flor De Manita Chiranthodendron pentadactylon

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Dried flor de manita flowers ready to dip in a cup of hot water and drink as tea.

Flor de Manita Common names Common Names: English: Devil's Hand Tree , Monkey´s Hand Tree, Hand Flower Tree. Spanish : árbol de la manita, árbol de las manitas, camxóchitl, canac, canaco, canague, huiahuonahua, lechillo, li-ma-ne-shmu, macpalxochicuáhuitl, macpalxóchitl, majagua, mano de dragón, mano de león, mano de mico, mapasúchil, mora, palo de mecate, palo liso, tayuyo, teyacua, teyeque .

We packaged the herbs in a beautiful presentation, where the packages of 1 oz are tied with a curly ribbon. Great for gift-giving!

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